Grant Meek

The Santander website is shitty. Feeling inspired by Boarding Pass/Fail and the idea of a 20 minute tweak, I went for a slightly longer, 2 hour tweak.

Here is what the current Santander website looks like:


Everything is crammed in with no space to breathe (however this means that the whole page fits into 1024 * 768). This evident when you view it at a higher res (1280 * 1024):

screen 1280

My aim was to give elements on the page room to breathe & tidy up the hierarchy of the page head:

design home

My tweak fits in the 1024 width, the fold does kick in at the options that say ‘Car Insurance’, ‘Loan Repayment Calculator’ & ‘Buying Your First Home’ (near the bottom). Which Isn’t too bad. In summary, I have:

I dropped out some links from the footer as they were duplicates of links already in the page, probably there because the links under ‘Current Accounts’, ‘Savings Accounts’, ‘Credit Cards’ on the current site are rendered using flash.

I also added ‘Insurance’, ‘Loans’, ‘Mortgages’ underneath ‘Current Accounts’, etc. as the right bar was taller than the original one. I could have added some extra content to the ‘Help & Support’ box to further balance that out. But I didn’t.

I think it turned out alright 🙂

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